Welcome to SIMOGGA LD Qt’s documentation!

SIMOGGA, is an innovative graphical material handling system that optimizes factory layout design based on a global flow analysis.

SIMOGGA relies on an optimization core resulting from 10 years of intensive research and on an intelligent interface. It is user friendly and requires a small amount of data to deliver results. SIMOGGA guides the users through the process of improvement, but does not replace them. It feeds on the knowledge and experience collected from plant managers and operators and any other key players in the improvement process.

SIMOGGA key concepts

  • The visualization of the results gives you concret elements to discuss
  • The quantification of the results allows to justify your proposition
  • The interactivity of the tool gives you the opportunity to test any scenarios and use it during the meetings
  • The simplicity of use permits to include all actors concerned by the change
  • The intelligence of the tool guides you in your approach

For the trial version, follow the process from the section : Creating of the As-IS situation in the real view

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